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The Pettooth Team


A longtime Bay Area resident and a UC Berkeley grad, Maia finds great joy in serving communities through her unique work. Two decades ago, she responded to a newspaper ad for a pet dental cleaning apprenticeship and took a risk by signing on to a 3 year commitment.  As good fortune would have it, she loved the work from the beginning and to this day. In her years of experience, Maia has cleaned thousands of teeth and enjoys working with both animals and their human companions. A lifelong animal lover and owner, Maia has a natural way with animals (clients, friends, and Verena call her a dog and cat whisperer), and she is passionate about empowering owners to take part in their pet's oral health. She has built her business and reputation on quality and integrity, and she looks forward to growing to serve more clients and animals. In her free time Maia enjoys singing, sewing, and camping with her family.


Verena joined the Pettooth team in 2015. A native of Brazil, she was a licensed human dentist in her home country before moving to the Bay Area. She decided not to pursue another degree here and is grateful that she discovered a new side of dentistry that she enjoys. Verena met Maia at their children's preschool, and after finding out about her work with animals, she trained under Maia and learned the special procedures and care with which the animals are treated. Verena's education in dental science, coupled with her lifelong love of animals, made the transition from humans to animals seamless. On a daily basis, Verena appreciates the energy of the animals, the transparency of Maia's ways, and the communication with clients. She looks forward to adopting a dog when her two daughters are a little older and playing with animals both at work and at home. 


In business since 2001, Pettooth is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide veterinary-supervised dental clinics on both sides of the bay, serving dogs and cats. Visit our Appointments page to find a location. 

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