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The Veterinarians We Love

Dr. Sarah Daniel, The Kind Vets

Dr. Sarah supervises our Menlo Park clinic and several of our SF clinics. She has a Bay Area house call practice and is currently accepting new clients

Dr. Jen Luna-Repose, New Earth Pet Healing

Dr. Jen supervises our Marin clinic and several of our East Bay clinics. She focuses on holistic medicine and has an East Bay house call practice.

Dr. Araba Oglesby, Blue Sparrow

Dr. Araba supervises several of our SF clinics. She has a Bay Area house call practice and is currently accepting new clients


Dr. Anne Reed and staff are the absolute best. This practice offers holistic vet care. We do a dental clinic there once per month, open only to current All Paws patients.


While we do not do a clinic with Codornices, this is the allopathic vet I have taken my own pets to for many years. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

The Places We Love

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Maxwell's Pet Bar in Noe Valley is one of our favorite clinic locations. The store is a beautiful, peaceful space to work in. The owners are animal nutritionists and their business specializes in fresh food for pets. They stock amazing products.


Jeffrey's Natural Pet Foods is the place to go for pet food in SF. They have their own line of quality pet food, and they deliver. Plus, their staff knows literally everything. And the owner is the nicest person on the planet. 


Every East Bay pet owner should know about petVet/petfood. They have two locations which are regular pet stores 7 days a week. What's special about them, though, is that they also have a low-cost walk-in vet clinic every week, Friday-Monday, 2 days at each location.


Bow Wow Meow hosts our clinic in their SF and Menlo Park stores. They provide both a full range of pet products, as well as pet grooming. 


The Grateful Dog is a doggy daycare with several Bay Area locations; we do a clinic at their Greenbrae in Marin. 


Tails is our Albany location. This is a lovely and chill grooming shop on Solano Ave that lets us use their shop while they are closed. One of our favorite clinic locations!


How to squish your cat.

Listen to Maia talk about her work with KALW's Marty Nemko, a longtime client.
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