Jeffrey's Natural Pet Foods

1841 Powell St, San Francisco, CA

Dog Dental Appointment: $215 (includes exam & cleaning)

(We're sorry, we are unable to see cats at this location)


Maxwell's Pet Bar

1734 Church St., San Francisco, CA 

Dog Dental Appointment: $215 (includes exam & cleaning)

(We're sorry, we are unable to see cats at this location)


Sebastopol clinic

Mobile location

Dog Dental Appointment: $215 (includes exam & cleaning)

Cat Dental Appointment: $190 (includes exam & cleaning)


PetVet El Cerrito Low-cost clinic

6000 Potrero Ave, El Cerrito, CA 

Dog Dental Appointment: $145 (includes exam & cleaning)

Cat Dental Appointment: $120 (includes exam & cleaning)

To schedule a dental appointment at this clinic, your pet must be examined by a vet at one of the PetVet wellness clinics (there two locations- Oakland and El Cerrito.) PetVet wellness clinics do not take appointments; vet exams are done on a first-come-first-serve basis. Exams are $25. The El Cerrito PetVet clinic is open Fridays & Saturdays from 10am-3pm and the Oakland clinic is open Sundays & Mondays from 10am-3pm. Both locations open their doors at 9am and you can sign up as soon as they open the doors. (We recommend going at 9am to sign up and then returning at 10am with your pet. This will greatly reduce the amount of time you have to wait in line, as the wait can get very long.) Here is their website:

**Make sure to tell the vet you would like your pet to be screened for the dental clinic.

Once your pet has been seen by the vet, email a photo of your PetVet receipt to within a month after the vet visit, and we will assist you in scheduling a dental appointment. 


This clinic is open to current All Paws clients only.


If you are an existing All Paws dental client, we will email you when your pet is due for a cleaning to schedule an appointment. If you think your pet is overdue and you have not heard from us, please email us!


If you are an All Paws client who has not been seen by us before, please contact Dr. Reed about getting a referral. Once she has confirmed that your pet is a good candidate, we can schedule you an appointment.

All Paws Holistic Veterinary Clinic 

249B Tewksbury Avenue, Pt. Richmond, CA

Other Clinic info 

Oakland Petvet-

We do not know when we'll be able to return to the Oakland location. However, all existing Oakland Petvet clients are welcome to come to the El Cerrito Petvet clinic.

VIP Scrub Club-

VIP has closed their Church St. shop. Maxwell's Pet Bar has opened their doors in the same location and they will be continuing to host our dental clinic every other month. Previous VIP clients are welcome!

NYC clinics-

Sorry to say, because of the pandemic, we have no idea when we will be back in NY for our clinics there.... :( Please contact Dr. Quagliata if you'd like to be put on the waitlist for these clinics:

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