Our dental clinics are supervised by a licensed veterinarian at all times.

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Low-Cost Clinics:

Exam $25

Cleaning $120 for dogs

(Cleanings are currently unavailable for cats)

Petvet clinics require two separate visits: one for the exam and another for the cleaning. To maximize the use of time, exams are done separately so that we do not set aside cleanings slots for animals we may not be able to work on. Due to the current pandemic, we have eliminated this requirement for pets whose teeth we have cleaned within the past year.

4814 Broadway Ave 

Oakland CA

To schedule at Petvet Oakland,

click here:

6000 Potrero Ave 

El Cerrito CA

To schedule at Petvet El Cerrito,

click here:

NYC Clinics:

We do clinics in New York City several times a year.

For more info, contact

Dr Carolyn Quagliata, DVM:


Jeffrey's Natural

Pet Foods

1841 Powell St 

San Francisco, CA

Exam $35

Cleaning $175

(dogs only)

To schedule at Jeffrey's,

click here:

VIP Scrub Club

1734 Church St 

San Francisco, CA

Exam $35

Cleaning $175

(dogs only)

To schedule at VIP,

click here:


Exam $35 

Cleaning: $175

(dogs only)

For info on this clinic, email us at:


All Paws Holistic Vet:

249B Tewskbury Ave 

Point Richmond, CA

(Available to current patients only)


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