PetVet El Cerrito

6000 Potrero Ave, El Cerrito, CA 

Dog Dental Appointment: $120 (does not include separate vet exam)

Cat Dental Appointment: $95 (does not include separate vet exam)


This clinic has very specific scheduling requirements.

Please read details below carefully before scheduling.

Scheduling Requirements:

1) Before scheduling a dental appointment with us, you must first      take your pet to one of PetVet's walk-in clinics for a vet exam.        Be sure to let the vet know you'd like your pet screened for            the dental clinic.


2) Once the exam is done, you have one month to schedule the     dental cleaning. Please let us know if there are no openings           within a month of your vet exam.

3) In order to schedule an appointment with us, you'll need to            upload an image of the PetVet exam sheet. (You will be                  prompted to upload from our scheduling site, after selecting        an appointment.  If you have difficulty, please contact us.)


PetVet Wellness Clinics


PetVet is a regular pet store with a low-cost wellness clinic inside. They have two locations, Oakland & El Cerrito. PetVet wellness clinics operate on a walk-in basis only.

Vet Exams are $26. The vet exams required for our dental appointments can be done at either location. 


Please note that just having your pet vaccinated at PetVet does not fulfill the requirement for scheduling with our dental clinic. Your pet must be examined by the vet.

PetVet wellness clinics start at 10am but their store opens earlier and you can sign up as soon as the store opens.

The CA Vet Board 

requires a vet

exam prior to every 

dental cleaning. 

At most of our clinics, the vet on hand is dedicated specifically to the dental clinic and the cleaning cost reflects this. PetVet allows us to run our clinic onsite while they hold their low-cost walk-in health clinic. They charge us very little for this and that is how we are able to offer our services for such a low rate at this clinic. However, because Petvet is a walk-in clinic, the requirement for an exam prior to the dental cleaning must be met separately, in advance. 


Many clients have asked if they can send a record of an exam by their regular vet. Unfortunately, this does not satisfy the CA Vet Board requirement. Our supervising vets are legally responsible for ensuring that the medical care we provide is appropriate; they cannot authorize us to do a dental cleaning without examining the animal themselves.