PetVet El Cerrito

6000 Potrero Ave, El Cerrito, CA 

Dog Dental Appointment: $120 (does not include separate vet exam)

Cat Dental Appointment: $95 (does not include separate vet exam)

This clinic has very specific scheduling requirements, as well as unique cost variables. Please read the details below carefully before scheduling.

Scheduling Requirements:

Your pet must be examined by a vet at one of the PetVet wellness clinics within a month prior to each dental appointment with us. There are two PetVet locations (Oakland and El Cerrito) and the exam can be done at either. PetVet wellness clinics do not take appointments; vet health exams are done on a first-come-first-serve basis. Health exams are currently $26. Please note that simply having your pet vaccinated at PetVet does not fulfill the requirement to qualify for the Pettooth dental clinic. Your pet must be examined by the vet.

PetVet wellness clinics open their doors at 9am and you can sign up as soon as they open. (We recommend going at 9am to sign up and then returning at 10am with your pet.) Here is their website:

*Make sure to tell the vet you would like your pet to be screened for the dental clinic.

Once your pet has been seen by the vet, you must upload a photo of your PetVet receipt in order schedule your pet's dental appointment. The date on the receipt must be visible and it must clearly indicate that the vet screened for the dental appointment. 

Cost Considerations:

Please note that the PetVet health exam is $26. We (Pettooth) charge a $25 fee for incomplete cleaning appointments. This means that if we are unable to clean your pet's teeth, either because they were uncooperative or because we discover something in their mouth that necessitates a dental procedure under general anesthesia, we charge $25 for our time. In this case, your total cost will be $51.


If this is your pet's first appointment with us and you are unsure if your pet is a good candidate for this type of cleaning, you might consider coming to one of our other clinics where the vet exam is wrapped in as part of the dental appointment and the total cost if we are unable to do the cleaning is just the cost of the exam, $35. The total cost if we do the cleaning is higher, but then once you know we can do the cleaning, you could come to the PetVet clinic in the future.