PetVet El Cerrito

6000 Potrero Ave, El Cerrito, CA 

Dog Dental Appointment: $120 (does not include separate vet exam)

Cat Dental Appointment: $95 (does not include separate vet exam)


  1. Your pet must see a vet at PetVet to be approved for our services before you schedule with us. PetVet is a walk-in clinic, so this means you’ll need to wait in line to see the vet. You can do the vet exam at either the Oakland or the El Cerrito PetVet, however our dental services are only available in El Cerrito.                                                           

  2. Once you’ve completed the vet exam, you’ll need to upload the PetVet exam sheet on our scheduling site, so make sure you save it! (Please make sure the date on the exam sheet is visible when you upload the file!) The exam sheet looks like this.                                        

  3. After your pet has been approved for our services by a vet at PetVet, return to this page and schedule an appointment by clicking the button below. You’ll be prompted to upload your exam sheet on our scheduling site after you select an appointment.

There are some useful tips on how to navigate the PetVet clinic. Click Here

We do not allow people to reserve appointments before they have seen the vet. If you schedule an appointment without uploading a current exam sheet from Petvet, we will have to cancel it, so please don’t do that!

IMG_6919 (1a).JPG

Clients often ask

if an exam by their

regular vet will suffice.

This does not satisfy the

CA Vet Board requirements.

Petvet  cannot authorize

dental cleanings without

examining the animal


This clinic has very specific scheduling requirements.

Please read details below carefully before scheduling.

A vaccine

appointment alone

does not fulfill the

exam requirement.

Your pet must receive

a health exam

from the vet.