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Helpful Info for Vet Exams at PetVet!

PetVet's wellness clinics offer 30-35 vet exams per day and those spots are often filled by 10:30am. So it's important to show up early to get your spot in line. The wellness clinics open at 10am, but the store opens earlier (their website says 9:00am on weekends and 9:30am on weekdays, but customers report that it's often 9am regardless of the day), and they start sign-ups as soon as the store is open. When you sign in, they'll give you a number and an estimated time for your exam. You can then leave and go do an errand, or have breakfast, or whatever! You do not need to wait there the whole time. If they call your number before you return, they will not punish you, they'll just take you in when you get there, so don't panic. Just try to be there as close to the estimated time as possible. 

Why is PetVet different from our other clinics?

CA law requires that we work under the supervision of a licensed vet and that any animal we provide dental services for must have previously been examined by that vet. At all of our other clinics, the supervising vet is either dedicated specifically to the dental clinic and is on hand to examine each pet right before the dental cleaning, or the clinic is private and only open to clients whose pets are regular patients of the supervising vet. PetVet graciously hosts our dental clinic onsite while they hold their low-cost walk-in wellness clinic. However, because the vets are extremely busy and can't just drop what they're doing to examine each dental client before their dental appointment, the requirement for an exam must be fulfilled in advance.

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PetVet Wellness Clinics

PetVet has two locations, Oakland & El Cerrito. Their clinics operate on a walk-in basis only and each location has a separate schedule. PetVet clinics start at 10am but their store opens earlier; you can sign in as soon as the store opens. (They are also a great place to buy pet food, as their prices are often significantly lower than elsewhere!) 

Vet Exams are $25. The exams required for our dental appointments can be done at either location. **Please note that just having your pet vaccinated at PetVet does not fulfill the requirement for scheduling with our dental clinic. Your pet must be examined by the vet.

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