"After years of seeing the benefits of this service, I’m a true believer. I know that any patient that comes to our clinic will get a realistic dental assessment and the most appropriate care."


-Dr. Carolyn Quagliata, DVM


"Maia has been working with my patients for years. She is thoughtful, empathetic, and incredibly gifted. Her cleanings help increase the comfort and vitality of even my oldest patients; and her thorough observations catch dental disease early.

I highly recommend her services."

                                    -Dr. Anne Reed, DVM

"Pettooth has provided excellent dental hygiene and friendly, supportive care for Chaka for years. They have also preemptively identified more serious teeth problems (cracks or breaks) that required veterinary attention.

I highly recommend Pettooth."

                                            -Tom W. and Chaka

"I loved that Verena took the time to counsel me on proper oral hygiene practices for my dog after his teeth cleaning. It turns out I was doing a lot of things wrong, and I appreciate the recommendations. "

                                 -Ginnie M. and Coco

Maia and her team are so kind and informative, and my dog, Sherlock, always leaves happy and with a big, white smile!"

                                    -Julia N. and Sherlock

"I am so glad we found Maia! She is so gentle with Charley! The regular cleanings not only keep his mouth healthy, they have made it possible for us to avoid waiting until he has a problem and needs anesthesia at the vet’s."

                                       -Meg Z. and Charley